Think Inside the Packaging

Or rather, inside the fortune cookie and how you can use it for marketing.  This idea from Once Wed is intended for wedding favors (how cute), and might be a little time consuming, but if your business has any thing to do with food, food service, crafts, crafting, or creative design, you can make use of this as a novel marketing tool to grab potential customers’ attention. Click the link above for full instructions.

Simple, right? Now turn it into a marketing tool:

First, take the fortunes a step further; when composing the one sentence predictions to put inside your paper favor cookies, ask yourself what benefit your customers expect from your service. Then write a half dozen or so positive statements that fit.  By positive, I mean write them as if they have already transpired.

  • “Web traffic is steadily increasing thanks to your new brand image from By Design.”
  • “Etsy sales are booming now that By Design is writing your product descriptions.”
  • “Email subscribers have doubled since By Design created your newsletter layout.”

Second, use both sides of the fortune. On the reverse, write a single statement for all fortunes.

  • “Costly mistakes in print and online may be corrected but hard to erase from your customer’s mind.” – By Design

Third, it never hurts to sweeten your message with a little treat. Add small, individually wrapped candies, or a small trinket related to your business (remember Cracker Jack and a prize in every box?).

Fourth, regardless of the type of business your want to promote, if you attend trade shows, vendors’ fairs or do any in person marketing to groups, these fortune cookie favors can work for you. Sure, the little candy dish with Hershey’s Miniatures is a good draw to your booth, but you have to ask yourself; do you want potential customers to remember you for having the best candy, or for having the best ideas?


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