Random Thoughts of a Writer


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I was going to go for an early morning walk today. The rain came down before I finished my coffee. I’m thinking of walking anyhow (it’s quite warm out for September), but there is lighting. Just last night I just watch an news story about a man hit by lighting.

National Novel Writers’ Month (NaNoWriMo) is coming up fast. I have a good first draft that I would like to turn into a great novel. I’ve had a good first draft for a few years now. I wrote Sins Of The Fathers and found a publisher after I wrote the good draft that lies waiting. It’s timely, so timely¬†right now that if I’d written it those four years ago it would be almost prophetic. Now it has to be better than that.

I have so many bits and pieces of stories, written on scraps of paper, the backs of envelopes, in notebooks and saved on my computer, that even if I wrote all day every day I’d never get them all written. I’ll bet Stephen King felt that way once. Stephen King did not procrastinate.

Somedays, I wonder if my life would be easier if I gave up writing all together. Then I laugh, brew another cup of coffee and start writing again. I’m on my third cup today.

Some days I try to type alltogether as one word and my smarty pants computer reminds me how all together wrong that is.

Some times I think that I’d never have been a published writer if it weren’t for computers. My gods! How did they do it with all that actual cut and paste nonsense? Half the time I don’t even know where to find a pair of scissors in this house.

Because I want to end this with something of some perceived value (I guess that all depends on whose reading it), I’ll close with a quote:

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