Behind The Words

The work of good writers has always sustained me,
but the best of what I’ve read has shaped me.

I’m a daughter, sister, friend, lover, wife, mother, grandmother, cat lady and somebody’s favorite crazy auntie (I hope). All these labels define me by my relationship to others.

I am also a lover of the written word, yet another defining relationship. As with all love affairs the words I’ve read leave their mark, but the best of them have shaped me in profound ways. I am a writer and my story is ever changing.


When you think about it, words have amazing power. Words are the bridge between ideas and manifestation. Words define us, not just as individuals, but as civilizations. Words persuade us—and sometimes dissuade us. Words have the power to tell a story, spark an idea, change the way we think, even change the world we live in. Words have magic in them.

With more than 30 years experience in crafting language for a purpose, I can tell your story.



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